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Experiences From Treatment for Anxiety and Depression Among Youth in Foster Care: A Qualitative Study
Yasmin Moussavi, Bente Storm Mowatt Haugland, Gro Janne Wergeland, Stine Lehmann and Silje Mæland

Explosive and Harmful Impulses: A Subset of Child and Adolescent-to-Parent Violence and Abuse
Nikki Rutter

Trend Effects of Being in Care, from Early to Late Adulthood: A Comparative Look at Adults Who Were in Residential or Foster Care As Children and Those Who Did Not Experience Out-Of-Home Care
Markus N. Sauerwein & Gunther Graßhoff

A Place to Feel at Home? An Exploratory Study of the Perceived Living Environment in Home- Like Groups, Family-Style Group Homes, and Traditional Residential Youth Care
Y.G. Riemersma, A.E. Zijlstra, M.E. Kalverboer, W.J. Post & A.T. Harder

Comparison of Systems and Outcomes for Safeguarding Children in Australia and Norway: A Decade of Rapid Change
Bente Heggem Kojan, Erica Russ, Gaute Skrove and Bob Lonne


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Professional Journals

International Journal of Child and Family Welfare European Journal of Social Science Education and Research Journal of Child and Youth Care Work Child & Youth Care Forum Child Care in Practice ICEB Child and Youth Services Therapeutic Care Journal UK Scottish Journal of Residential Child Care NACCW South Africa IJSP IJCYFS IJASS

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UK: Care Experience, Ethnicity and Youth Justice Involvement: Key Trends and Policy Implications

First Nations Care Leavers: Supporting Better Transitions

Mental Health | Still Ringing the Alarm: An Enduring Call to Action for Black Youth Suicide Prevention

Covid-19 | Covid-19 Learning Report: Challenges and Innovations

Trauma | ‘We are on a journey’: implementing trauma informed approaches in Northern Ireland

Juvenile Justice | Punitive Instead of Rehabilitative: The Role of Restitution in the Juvenile Justice System and the Need for Reconstruction

Outcomes | Improving Outcomes for Children with Child Protection Concerns who have been exposed to Domestic Abuse


Systems | The Logic Behind a Cohesive Youth Care System

Briefing | Parental Risk Factors and Children Entering Care

Administration | Rates of out-of-home care among children in Canada: an analysis of national administrative child welfare data

Physical Space | Growing Up Together: The Design of Small-Scale Youth Care Facilities

The Law | Empowering Children and Youth through Law and Participation

Foster Care | The Future of Foster Care: New Science on Old Problems

Ethics | Ethical Research Involving Children

Care Experience | Tuning into Child and Youth Care: An Arts-Based Audio-Drama Inquiry with Child and Youth Care Practitioners who have lived in Residential Care

Resilience | Strengthening resilience: Promoting positive school mental health among Indigenous youth

Development | World Health Organisation: Helping Adolescents Thrive

Foundational Texts for Child and Youth Care Practice and Theory

CYC Practice Hints


What loss and grief look like for Children and Youth in Care

Therapeutic Residential Care for Children and Youth: Consensus Statement of the International Work Group on Therapeutic Residential Care

Karen VanderVen's Points Pack

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