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The International Child and Youth Care Network (CYC-NET) is a registered non-profit and public benefit organisation in South Africa and Not-For-Profit Corporation in Canada running in terms of its own Constitution. CYC-Net is also approved by the South African Revenue Service to be exempt from paying taxes and duties [Section 10(1) (cN) of the Act] as well as to receive tax-exempt donations.

CYC-Net is the coming together of people, ideas, critical thought and literature from the broadest possible spectrum in the child and youth care field. It's a place to share, a place to hang out, a place to meet, and a place to learn.

CYC-Net has often been described as the most valuable child and youth care resource in the world. It serves thousands of unique users every year and has hundreds of thousands of visits each year.

One of the pillars on which CYC-Net was founded is that it is provided open access to the end-user.

Advertising is limited on CYC-Net. It's not that we don't like advertising. We do. But we like to think that "a little goes a long way".


How is funding used?


Maintaining the ICT infrastructure which stores the extensive library of tens of thousands of open-access reference pages.

The CYC-Net Press

Production and management of all reading resources offered through The CYC-Net Press, including our monthly journal, CYC-Online.

Regular CYC-related news and information updates

Updated daily news, information and discussion about the field of Child and Youth Care with reports, opinion pieces, regular features, press releases, links to relevant sites and links to our extensive archives. Visit now at

The CYC-Net Discussion Groups

Our discussion groups on Facebook host thousands of members from around the world. Go here for more information about joining. Many hours are dedicated to ensuring these moderated discussion groups enables connections between practitioners, students, teachers, supervisors, trainers and managers throughout the world.

Our People

We run a tight ship! CYC-Net employs 1 and a half members of staff – an operations officer and a content administrator. Everything else that CYC-Net provides is achieved largely through volunteer efforts and goodwill from our established networks.  So when you access CYC-Net, please pause and think about how others have contributed to your continuing professional development through these efforts.


The CYC-NET Constitution lists three important items about membership and funds:

1. CYC-Net is provided as open-access
All people interested or involved in the field of child and youth care are welcome to participate in its discussions and make use of the web site.

CYC-Net was developed with the intention of supporting those who work professionally with children and youth. Often, these people are isolated and unsupported in geographically underserved and dispersed parts of the world, where access to information and low income levels frequently prevents them from accessing any information whatsoever. It is only through voluntary subscriptions by universities, colleges, training facilities, service organisations, associations and individuals that CYC-Net can continue to provide this valuable resource serving the learning needs of the wider Child and Youth Care community.

2. Voluntary subscriptions/donations
Those who provide a voluntary contribution/subscription here will be recognised as such at

3. CYC-NET can receive subscriptions and donations
Because of the international nature of CYC-NET and the wide diversity in our members:

  1. Fees and Donation options are price-tagged in US dollars. This currency is universally understood and gives a common basis for calculation.
  2. Members and donors may choose a price range which is comfortable for them. An Associate Member (Individual) may choose, for example, a $15, a $30 or a $50 price tag for Associate Membership.* 

* Note that international exchange rates differ so widely that $20 may be a reasonable fee for a developed country, but may be quite out of reach for a member living within a developing economy.

How to Subscribe and Donate

Please visit this page.

Registered Public Benefit Organisation in the Republic of South Africa (PBO 930015296)
Incorporated as a Not-for-Profit in Canada: Corporation Number 1284643-8

P.O. Box 23199, Claremont 7735, Cape Town, South Africa  •  P.O. Box 21464, MacDonald Drive, St. John's, NL A1A 5G6, Canada

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