Unity Conference 2023

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The Profession

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Introductory readings in Child & Youth Care Administration

Find much more on Administration at our Subject Readarounds here

Teams in Child Care agencies
Hy Resnick

Meetings, Meetings, Meetings

Engaging with Youth – Making it happen
Brian Gannon

Time management for teams
Christine Yu-Ting Lee and Prof Brian H. Kleiner

The training and development professional's ethical responsibilities to clients
Dale Curry

Worker-Management Relations: A Child Care Worker's Perspective
Trevor Harrison

The perils of planning
Michael Forster

Participatory management: some thoughts
Hy Resnick

Ethical Leadership

The Role of the Manager in Child Care Work
Eric Atmore

10 Principles of Management
John Stein

Listening: A neglected skill in communicating with co-workers and management
Hy Resnick

Peer Consultation as a Form of Supervision
James M. Benshoff

Planning the Daily Programme
John Burton

Parents and the child and youth agency
Hy Resnick

What exactly is child and youth care work?

Building job descriptions for child care workers

Negative Work Environments
Hy Resnick

Abbott and Costello meet the Multi-Disciplinary Team
Michael Demers and Christopher Gudgeon

Negative work environments: A culture/climate improvement strategy
Hy Resnick

Planning staff meetings
Margie Carter

What are we going to do today?
Phineas Molepo

Child Care Workers and the stage of development of their group home: An organizational secret
Hy Resnick

Organizational Tenets and Actions
Mark A. Krueger

Effective Delegation

Problems between departments
Hy Resnick

Termination of Employment
Hy Resnick

Old programs and new

Child Care Workers tell it like it is: What Child Care Administrators need to know about work on the front line
Sabitha Samjee et al

Seven Steps for Building a Career in Child Care
Mark Krueger

Becoming a technologically savvy administrator
Joseph Slowinski

Mistakes educational leaders make
Clete Bulach, Winston Pickett, and Diane Boothe

The training and development professional's ethical responsibilities to clients
Dale Curry

Conflict on Staff Teams
Roger Neugebauer

Four complexities in Residential Treatment of Juvenile Offenders
Robert Heintzelman

The Training and Development Professional's Ethical Responsibilities as a Professional
Dale Curry

I am envious of you, the leaders in the field of Care Practice
A talk by Henry W. Maier

The tools of encouragement
Timothy Evans

Organisational change
Hy Resnick

Caregiver Roles
Donald Peters and Ronald Madle

Contextual Planning
John Sullivan

John Sullivan

Motivating Staff
Roger Neugebauer

Working Environment
Roger Neugebauer

Conflict Resolution
Peter Gabor and Carol Ing

The Ten C's of Teamwork
Howard Garner

Practice vs Organization?
Henry Maier

The Profession
Francis Hare

Inter-staff Relationships
Marjorie Kostelnik

Care Worker Turnover
Scot Finnell

Child Care and the Organization
Henry Maier

Richard W. Small

Norman Powell

Get 'em Out!
Phil Strain and Gali Joseph

Nicholas Long


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