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Working Professionally with Children and Youth in Care

The Profession

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Introductory Readings on the history of Child and Youth Care

Henry Maier

Child and Youth Care – a unique profession
Jim Anglin

Child and Youth Care Practice in North America: Historical Roots and Current Challenges
Grant Charles and Thom Garfat

A history of Child and Youth Care in South Africa
Kathy Beukes and Brian Gannon – beukesgannon.html

Child and Youth Care competencies – 2001

An Historical Perspective on Residential Services for Troubled and Troubling Youth in Canada
Grant Charles and Peter Gabor

A History of Child and Youth Care in Canada (and specifically Ontario)

Our identity – from 50 years of education
Dennis E. McDermott

Honoring our own
David C. Thomas

How is Child and Youth Care work unique – and different – from other fields?
Karen VanderVen

Who are we working with? A short history of Child and Youth Care involvement with families
Thom Garfat

Central themes in Child and Youth Care
Mark Krueger

Stands Scotland where it did? Perspectives and Possibilities for Child and Youth Care
Mark Smith

From Yesterday and Today into Tomorrow – or Henry, Fritz and Friends
Thom Garfat

An overview of current national trends in the profession of child and youth care – 2003
David Thomas

The field of Child and Youth Care: Are we there yet?
James Freeman field.pdf

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