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One day in the life of an Inner-city School-based Child and Youth Care Worker | Shelley Chrest

Outdoor education and troubled youth | Dene S. Berman and Jennifer Davis-Berman

Field Lane Ragged School | C. Dickens

How to teach the unteachable | Joseph Ciaccio

Ripples and Rumbles: Towards peaceable school communities | Valerie Dovey

Basic education and skills training | Cape Youth Care, Cape Town

Bullied to death | From Jump Magazine

Moving beyond good intentions in schools | Gail Russell Chaddock

Child and youth care work in a school undergoing complex language and cultural adjustment in South Africa | Rosa Nightingale

Learning About Myself: First Experiences in School-Based Child and Youth Care
Roger Pylypa

School readiness | ERIC journal

Academic strategies to build resilience | Theodore Pikes, Brenda Burrell, and Connie Holliday

The tools of encouragement | Timothy Evans

Mental health – at school, at home | Cindy Long, John Page, Beth Hail, Tifffany Davis, and Len Mitchell

Preventing truancy | Charles Walls, ERIC Clearinghouse on Urban Education, Institute for Urban and Minority Education

Classroom management | Gene Van Tassell

We don't need no thought control | David Perks

Ways of knowing: Fostering resilience | Jerri Simms Shepard

Conflict in schools: Win-win solutions | Mary M Addison and Dolores A. Westmoreland

The school as a hub: Best practice model | Rick Kelly

Soda and junk food machines | Susan Krouskop

Giving children a voice through poetry | Karenlee Clarke Alexander and Linda Shaw-Benson

Hobbs and spitting from windmills | Rick Kelly

School to work transitions | Cheryl Meredith Lowry

Child and youth work in educational settings | Carey Denholm

Safe and caring schools | Joan Jeary

Countering verbal abuse | Arnold P. Goldstein

Community schools in action | Joy G. Dryfoos

Dealing with violence and aggression | Mary K. Fitzsimmons

Monitors as supports | Sandra L. Christenson, Christine M. Hurley, Julie A. Hirsch, Melissa Kau, David Evelo and Willa Bates

Supporting LBGTQ students | Michael Bochenek

Alternative ways | Isabel Abrams

Working with aggressive students | Eleanor Guetzloe

Antidote for zero tolerance | Conrad D. Farner

Teaching conflict resolution | U.S. Department of Education

Pathways to courage | Steve Van Bockern, Laurie Wenger, and Julie Ashworth

Alternative programs? | Richard Sagor

Community schools | Mary M. Harris and John H. Hoover

Out-of-school curriculum | Jean Pease

Improving relationships | Mary Beth Hewitt

Waging peace | Linda Lantieri

It doesn't look like a school ... | Carol Weiss Rubel, M.S.

Touching Students | Heather May

Deadly violence replaces scuffles at schools | Helen Smith

The teacher is the curriculum | Jack Kirkland

New ways with education | Kim Campbell

A school without rules | Marjorie Coeyman

Don't turn teachers into cops | Donna Lieberman and Robert A. Perr

A teacher changing inner city lives | Meg McSherry Breslin

Do schools fail gay and lesbian youth | Michael Bochenek

Constable goes to school | Kerry Williamson

Gaining respect in the classroom | David Paul

Teen peer mediators sharpen skills | Rachel Gottlieb

Challenges and questions facing the development of Child and Youth Care Work in Canadian educational settings | Carey Denholm

Effective partnerships between teacher and Child and Youth Care worker | Kathi Hughes and Vivian Lougheed

School-based field placements: A Montreal Perspective | Elena Kruger

Learning about myself: First experiences in school-based Child and Youth Care | Roger Pylypa

On Being Accountable in Schools: Strategies for Child and Youth Care practitioner | Andrew Jarrett

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