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Introductory Readings on Child Rights

Find more on Child Rights at our Subject Readarounds here


A brief background to children’s rights | Tara Collins

Children's rights in residential settings | Kees Waaldijk

The three P's of children's rights: Provision, protection and participation | Marjatta Bardy

The rights of children and youth in care

Listening to children, speaking for children | Wendy Cousins et al

The implementation and enforcement of human rights | Andre Viviers

Optimism in dark times | Richard Mitchell

Janusz Korczak’s Declaration of Children's Rights

Vote is a milestone for defence of rights | Lucy Jamieson

Children’s rights and wrongs | Mark Smith

The magic beanstalk: Youth empowerment and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child | James Anglin

Child justice law reform developments in Africa and international standards on the rights of the child | Odongo O. Godfrey

Children's Rights | Mona Sandbaek

Needs and rights | Nick Axford

Vulnerable citizens: The oppression of children in care | Kim Snow

Supporting the religious and spiritual needs of looked-after and accommodated children in Scotland | Chris Barratt

A child rights-based approach in Child and Youth Care practice at the community level | Tara Collins

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