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The Profession

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Introductory Readings on Supervision

Find more on Supervision at our Subject Readarounds here

Why adults strike back: Learned behavior or genetic code? | Nicholas J. Long

Fundamental processes for interventions: working with High-risk adolescents and their families | Mary Ballantyne, Grant Macdonald, and Leslie Raymond

Matching therapeutic style with developmental level: A guide for child care workers | Thomas P. Oles

My Confusion, My Reality | Mark Gamble

The Child Care Worker – II | Peter Righton

Easy good-byes | Brian Gannon

Life space work, Child and Youth Care work,residential work – Is this a Profession? | Lies Gualtherie van Weezel and Kees Waaldijk

How can staff cope with disruptive children? | Ron Walton

Missing Mariella | Thom Garfat

Child and Youth Care as a Profession | Bruce Hardy

Principles of Management | John Stein

The tools of encouragement | Timothy Evans

Too Many Children, and Not Enough Beds

Learning to Build a “Professional Package": Helping Supervisors Confront Constructively | Frank Delano and Jill C. Shah

Punished for hard work

The Child and Youth Care Workers: Who needs them? | Thomas Linton and Michael Forster

Child and Youth Care Practice: The foundation for great supervision | Shelley Gilberg and Grant Charles

Power and empowerment | Brian Gannon

Developmental Stages of Child and Youth Care Workers: An Interactional Perspective | Thom Garfat

Talking about "getting stuck" | Patricia Vanderheyden

Institutional Abuse and the Rights of Children and Youth | Jacqui Michael

How closely does our work relate to spirit? | Debbie Carver

Child and youth care: The transition from student to practitioner | Sharon Moscrip and Adrien Brown

Preparation for New Supervisors | Kathy Mitchell

Group Supervision and the Supervision of Teams in Residential Care: the Slovene Experience | Alenka Kobolt

Life-space supervision | Jacqui Michael

"A Time to Reflect": Humour within the supervision process | John Digney

The Supervisory Relationship | Allan Dye

Lovers and Supervisors: Same Things – Just Different? | Jocelyn May

A little supervisory help | Mary Murray

Consultation as a complement to the clinical supervision of youth care | Kees Maas and David Ney

Group Supervision | Pamela O. Werstlein

Supervision in Addictions Counseling: Special Challenges and Solutions | Gerald Juhnke and John Culbreth

Selecting the correct frame for supervision | Ernie Hilton

The Good Supervisor | L. DiAnne Borders

Stages of Child and Youth Care Worker Development | Jack Phelan

Punished for hard work

IPR: Recalling thoughts and feelings in supervision | Craig S. Cashwell

It's What You Do | Mary Burnison

Parallel process in supervision

Understanding Supervision | Ernie Hilton

Supervision Models | George R. Leddick

Congruence between supervision and practice | Thom Garfat

Peer Consultation as a Form of Supervision | James M. Benshoff

Supervision: What It Means to Me | Susan Graves

Supervisee Resistance | Loretta Bradley and L. J. Gould

Effective Supervision Methods

The Wounded Helper | Peter Hawkins and Robin Shohet

Supervision wish list | Frank Delano

Supervision | John Hudson

Life space supervision | Jacqui Michael

Supervision and Practice | Kathy Scott

Supervision | Henry Maier

Supervision and ethics | Henk Hanekamp

Self-supervision | Peter Hawkins and Robin Shohet

Owning supervision | Frank Delano

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