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Introductory Readings on Relationship and Relational Practice

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Characteristics of a Relational Child and Youth Care Approach revisited | Thom Garfat, James Freeman, Kiaras Gharabaghi and Leon Fulcher

A feminist's view of caring | Frances Ricks

Relationship | Henry Maier

Developing the relationship | Joe Markey

Rapport and relationships: The basis of child care | Michael Burns

Going there from being here | Gerry Fewster

Relationships – we have to begin somewhere! | Brian Gannon

John Bowlby on human attachment | John H. Hoover

Seven habits of reclaiming relationships | Erik K. Laursen

I was a ‘child in care’: My perspective on relationships | Denise Masson

The meat and potatoes of relationships | Brian Gannon

Hanging out | Geeta Somasundram

Connecting with the inner world | Thom Garfat

Initial reflections on the 'talk smart institute' and relating | Mark Krueger

Relationships: Thoughts on their origin and their power | Penny Parry

Respect begets respect – and other lessons from Project Breakaway | Leslie Skooglund

Seeing “I” to “I”: A Phenomenological Analysis of the Caring Relationship | David Austin and William Halpin

Transferable Relationships | Kiaras Gharabaghi

Maybe you smiled for the rest of the day? Some comments on relationships and their infinite variety | Karen VanderVen

The Real “Money in the Bank”: Building Relationships in Child and Youth Care | Frank Delano

Relational thinking | Jack Phelan

Hope in moments of pain | James Freeman

Close enough encounters: Close to Me – Close to You | Maxwell Smart and John Digney

Deepening a Child and Youth Care understanding of presence: Engaging living-dying dialectical moments | Patti Ranahan

Relational Conversations and Explorations | Jack Phelan

Relationship in Child and Youth Care – A Deep Dive | Luke Carty

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