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The Profession

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Selected background readings on aspects of the Child and Youth Care Work profession

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What exactly is child and youth care work?
     James Anglin

What exactly is child and youth care work?
     The views of Helen Starke and others

21 Memos from your Child

What exactly is child and youth care work?
     A summary of Small, R.W. and Dodge, L.M. (1988) Roles, skills, and job tasks in professional child care

Self-awareness in the child care worker
     Steve Young writing in Child Care Work in Focus

Do-it-yourself definitions of child and youth care work
     Brian Gannon on the views of some newcomers to the field

Understanding and reducing power struggles: Transference and counter-transference in treatment relationships
    Lorraine Fox 

Qualities of a child and youth care worker
     Ernie Nightingale looks back on 27 years as a Director

On being in charge
     Thom Garfat on child and youth care workers taking more responsibility

The Year-2000 model  Child and Youth Care Worker User's Manual
     Brian Gannon and Merle Allsopp being serious with tongue in cheek

What is a professional?
     Two views from David Roush in the youth detention field

How can you recognise  a youth-worker?
     Mike Baizerman

Developmental Stages of Child and Youth Care Workers: An Interactional Perspective
     Thom Garfat

The Juvenile Careworker
     David Roush

The child care worker: An ambassador in a land of troubled children
     Brian Gannon

Responses to Billy's Mother – I
     Thom Garfat on what child and youth care workers do

Responses to Billy's Mother – II
     Thom Garfat on what child and youth care workers do

Practice Abuse
     Brian Gannon on unsupported front line workers 

Being, Acting, Reflecting
    Lies Gualtherie van Weezel and Kees Waaldijk

Central Themes in Child and Youth care
     Mark Krueger

The child care profession and its responsibilities in the future
    Eric Richardson

Letter from a colleague
     Dave Damschen

Training for Caring
     Patrick Brennan

Child and Youth Care Work: A profession or a calling?
     A view from Zambia

Homeless: Neither a profession nor an employer offers shelter or a place to go
     Mike Baizerman

Care worker and social worker compare jobs
     Rone Gerber and Belinda Slavin

Heroes and Pioneers of Child and Youth Care Work
     Larry Brendtro

Challenges facing the child and youth care professional
     Wilma Hoffman

Adults who work with troubled and difficult young people
     F.G. Lennhoff

Why do  I do it?
     Mark Krueger

Celebrating Child and Youth Care Work
     Felicity Coughlan

My Confusion, My Reality
     Mark Gamble

Valued child and youth care worker qualities in relationships with young people
     Varley Weisman

Today's child, tomorrow's adult
     Frieda Francisco-la Grange

Training child care workers: Three essentials
     Richard Liberatore

Rights of children are still violated
     Sister Stanislaus Kennedy

Stages of Child and Youth Care Worker Development
Jack Phelan

A History of Child and Youth Care
Kathy Beukes and Brian Gannon  

An Historical Perspective on Residential Services for Troubled and Troubling Youth in Canada
Grant Charles and Peter Gabor

The Child Care Worker as a Primary Practitioner
     F. Herbert Barnes

The Child Care Worker and Occupational Stress
     Sharalee Whitehead

The Identification of Stressful Events and Working Conditions by Group Home Personnel
Gale E. Burford

Preparing Agencies and workers for Family Contract Services
     Karen Vanderven and Earl N. Stuck

Biographical outline of August Aichhorn
     K. R. Eissler

How is Child and Youth Care work unique – and different – from other fields?
    Karen VanderVen

True confessions leading to thoughtful questions
     Carol Stuart

AS*IF: A Model for Thinking about Child and Youth Care Interventions
    Thom Garfat and Terry Newcomen


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