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Working Professionally with Children and Youth in Care


Essential reading in Child and Youth Care Practice and Theory


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In alphabetical order, by author ...

Characteristics of a Relational CYC Approach – Revisited (PDF) / Thom Garfat, James Freeman, Kiaras Gharabaghi and Leon Fulcher

Rhythmicity: A powerful force for experiencing unity and personal connections  /   Henry W. Maier 

Attachment Development is “In”  / Henry W. Maier

Essential Components in Care and Treatment Environments for Children (PDF)  /  Henry W. Maier

The Field of Child and Youth Care: Are We There Yet? (PDF) /  James Freeman

Child and Youth Care: a unique profession  /  James Anglin

The Paradoxical Journey: some thoughts on relating to children  /  Gerry Fewster

The Catastrophe of Compliance  /  Lorraine Fox

Who put the "care" into Child Care?  /  Lorraine Fox

Four Parts Magic: The Anatomy of a Child and Youth Care Intervention  /  Thom Garfat

Central themes in child and youth care  /  Mark Krueger

Seven Habits of Reclaiming Relationships  /  Erik Laursen

Relationships: a wide angle perspective  /  Penny A. Parry

Stages of Child and Youth Care Worker Development  /  Jack Phelan

10 Child and Youth Care Commandments  /  Mia Kellmer Pringle


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