International Child and Youth Care Week

May 3-9, 2021 is International Child and Youth Care week.

During this week we celebrate the immense contribution of Child and Youth Care Practitioners to the lives of children, youth, families, and communities.
Child and Youth Care Practitioners work in the life space, designing and implementing programs and planned environments with individuals and families. Their work is developmental, relational, strength-based, and trauma-informed. Across the globe, Child and Youth Care Practitioners contribute to the development of knowledge and participate in systems interventions through direct care, supervision, administration, teaching, research, consultation and advocacy.
The Covid-19 pandemic that we have all been living in over the past year has highlighted the essential nature of child and youth care practice. While many other professionals have worked from home or found alternative ways to reduce contact with people, that luxury has not been afforded to Child and Youth Care Practitioners. They have continued to report to work, keeping young people safe and providing ongoing care and support to families. Working in the life space, they have been the stable, constant presence for young people and families whose lives have been impacted by trauma, adversity and systemic oppression. Child and Youth Care Practitioners work to instill hope, manage crisis, calm those who are anxious and encourage those who have withdrawn. Child and Youth Care Practitioners advocate for social justice. They are the hidden, often unacknowledged, essential workers.
During this special week we recognize the commitment of these unsung heroes to young people and families, even though their commitment puts them at personal risk. We pay tribute to Child and Youth Care Practitioners around the world and celebrate their contribution to making our world a better place.

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