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Supervisors and work ethics


My question would be: in this era of democracy and transformation can we still have supervisors who are not practicing professionalism and work ethics by showing no leadership role and passing blanket rules to address issues?

Peter Moleka

Hi Peter,

I don't think we can, however we have for a myriad of reasons. I think people being promoted beyond their ability is a big one. Also people who have been around a long while who have not updated their skills and maybe those that are anxious about their performance so stick to blanket rules because it feels safer for them which isn't a great place for them to be either.

I guess I feel supervision is two ways and I have a role in finding ways to assist in supervision. Should you have to? No - but it's a positive way to approach the issue and just might work for the benefit of the kids.

Best wishes.

Glenys Bristow

Peter my first thought would be, of course we can. Diversity, in this situation, means that there is likely a great deal of variance amongst the supervisors in the field and always will be.

My query would be how can you deal with this in a way that is still respectful of the other, relational and yet creates opportunities for change?



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