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Transcripts of Selected Group Discussions on CYC-Net

Since it's founding in 1997, the CYC-Net discussion group has been asked thousands of questions. These questions often generate many replies from people in all spheres of the Child and Youth Care profession and contain personal experiences, viewpoints, as well as recommended resources.

Below are some of the threads of discussions on varying Child and Youth Care related topics.

Questions and Responses have been reproduced verbatim.

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Videos made by youth

Hi there,

My name is Amanda Popoff and I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba.I am 21 years old and a current graduate of the Child and Youth Care Program.

I have been working in a co-ed group home, the boys are aged 7-12 (once they turn 12 they are no longer staying at the home), and the girls are 14-18. I have been working here for 3 years, this was my first practicum placement and I have been here ever since.

I also work at a program called Just TV. It is a gang prevention program that works with inner city youth aged 16-24. We currently have 2 exceptions, two 14 year old boys. What the program does is give these youth the opportunity to express themselves through multimedia. This is a pilot program and we are currently in our 2nd year. Program runs from April until December, and we have a film festival in December that gives the participants a chance to perform in front of a large audience. We have a full recording studio and the appropriate equipment to make videos. The participants can conduct a video about anything they want, as long as it is not promoting anything negative. The participants also write their own music. These youth are very talented, and working here has been a great learning experience.

If you would like to see the videos we have produced, you can go to you tube, and type in "just tv bnc" and the videos will be there.

Amanda Popoff

Hi Amanda, thanks for the link. The work of the young people is excellent.

Jeremy Millar

Thanks for the info Amanda. Sounds like you are doing a great job in support of children in "need".

Marsha Orien

Hi Amanda,

I am a mature Child and Youth Care student and was curious to see the videos you talked about. I am in awe of the talent and the quality of the videos on you tube. What an incredible accomplishment. Thank you for sharing this.

Julie Clarke


My name is Mandy Thorogood and I am a current student in the Child and Youth Care Diploma in Calgary. I took a look at the videos on you tube and am very impressed! It is so fascinating to see the different programs offered in the country. There is nothing really similar to that here in Calgary, AB but I think gang violence is becoming more prevalent in our society and could be utilized. Even if it wasn't specifically for gang violence, but youth that need that escape and way of positively expressing themselves and engaging in such an experience. I think it is amazing to provide youth with such opportunities to express themselves and it seems as though there are some very talented youth you are working with!!

My questions come from seeing these amazing videos and wondering how it all got started. It would be of interest to me to start a program such as this, and my questions are geared at who started the program!

How did it start? Could you maybe give me a little bit more information on the program in general?

Also what qualifications would someone need to be employed in such a program?

Any more information you can give me would be greatly appreciated! Really enjoyed the videos and just wondering how this program was made possible!

Also....where do you hold the film it available to anyone?
:) Thanks so much!

Mandy Thorogood

Hi Amandas,

I am also in a second year student in the cycc diploma program at Mount Royal and I am interested in working with children and youth through creative means. Whether creative "counseling" be through video or song or dance, I see such great potential to have this medium to explore the 'problems' faced by today's children and youth.

As a native student, having the child or youth engaged in creative ways of self exploration seems to be right up my alley. I am not conventional in regards to text booking cases, but rather I can see myself engaged in programs such as the "just TV" program. Good to know there are these types of avenues of exploration instead of the usual milieu settings to counsel.

There was a stop smoking poster contest way back when I was in elementary school which was a fun way to bring about awareness. Today, multimedia is the wave of the future so, as counselors, adaptation seems to be the key in finding creative and engaging ways to help the youth. Starting at art is good, but not for everyone. If the usual text book methods don't work, I can see utilizing multimedia mediums as the next step in exploring the counseling relationship.

In my experiences with contemporary therapeutic methods, I have seen some interesting changes. What I am talking about is music therapy. JB music therapy has some interesting ways of dealing with anger amongst other issues todays youth face today and I can see myself engaged in working with youth on a more contemporary bent in my practice.

Thanks for the Information on this "Just TV" Program. It's filling my head with ideas now in regard to finding new ways of working with youths.

Ken Wildman

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