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Sibling abuse?



I'm doing research on sibling abuse as one of the overlooked components of domestic violence, yet it has a great impact on the development of the child.
Where can I find literature based on the role of the Child Care Worker in promoting healthy relationships among siblings?


Yonelisa Zide


Very interesting and important research please keep us posted on your findings. Good luck!



Dear Yonelisa,

Very interesting research indeed. The publication Because We Are Brothers and Sisters from SOS Children’s Villages International might also be interesting in this regard.

You can find it here: (publication N°5). Through that link, Because We Are Brothers and Sisters is available in English, French, German and Spanish.

The direct link to the PDF in English is here:

(this is the English version)

Christine Tavernier-Gutleben

Hi Yonelisa,

I found the following article from the Journal of Child and Youth care on CYC-net:

I would also suggest doing a google search using Google Scholar (type in 'Google Scholar' in Google and you will get their scholar search engine with peer-reviewed articles. From there, do a 'sibling abuse' search).

My hunch is there are not a lot of articles published in Child and Youth Care literature on this subject. I am happy you are taking it on! This is a very important topic. As a survivor of sibling abuse, I am relieved to see CYCs taking an interest in this area.

Best of Luck!



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