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Therapeutic rooms?


We're in the process of planning some upgrades to our program room and I'm having a hard time finding any information on creating a therapeutic space.

It's about the size of a typical classroom, and it's where the youth learn, create and play video games. Do you have an experience completing a similar process in your facility? If anyone has an ideas or info they can share we would really appreciate it!
Evelyn Downie
Dartmouth, NS

Do some research on snoezelen rooms... might not be appropriate as an overall theme, however some aspects of this space might be appropriate. I have found lights etc that fit my needs from Ikea once I did my initial research.
Theresa Fraser 
For interest see:

This should be a place which the children feel is theirs not others.

Feet up... lounge... eat snacks. It should have interesting things like coffee-table books, books on tape/cd, drawing materials or dry erase boards all over to draw on the walls.

Donna Wilson
I just noticed this thread about therapeutic rooms. I just read a very interesting article on Snoezelen rooms. Here's the abstract if you are interested.
Jason Guay

Empirical Review of Product Representation
Betsy H. Botts
University of West Florida, Pensacola
Patti A. Hershfeldt
Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore
Robyn J. Christensen-Sandfort
University of West Florida, Pensacola
The purpose of this study was to critically review the empirical evidence surrounding three assertions presented by FlagHouse concerning Snoezelen® environments in day school public education settings. Given the absence of empirical literature examining the use of Snoezelen® in day school settings, the authors analyzed five studies that were conducted in residential settings. Findings indicate inconsistent effects of Snoezelen® environments on observable behavior, generalization of behaviors, and relaxation. With the increasing use of Snoezelen® in the American educational system, investigation of its efficacy is needed, particularly because of recent legislation calling for reliance on evidence-based practices. With the current paucity of empirical research, Snoezelen® environments do not meet the standards of evidence-based practice.

A term I have seen used on the net for therapeutic rooms is "comfort rooms".
Here is a link that gives you some ideas on how to design one, and what to put in the room – it's fairly general and the web page says it is aimed towards mental health.


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