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Early child and youth care research 


Hi there, I am hoping a number of you can help me out.  I am trying to find ‘early examples’ of research – of any type or model – into Child and Youth Care (broadly defined) practice.  So, here is my question, “what are some early examples of Child and Youth Care research?
Thom Garfat

How about Harry Harlow (University of Wisconsin) and his groundbreaking research in the 1950's about the importance of touch and attachment?  He worked with monkeys but gave us a wealth of information about what's "therapeutic" for the young.
Lorraine Fox
I know that when I was at college I asked the question about Aboriginal traditional child & youth care philosophy and I sound a lotof articles on traditional practices around what we have identified today as Child &Youth Care practices. I can try and dig them up for you since it was over a decade ago. Once I find them I will post them. I don't know if that was your question?
Manjit Virk
Some early books/articles you may be able to track down. – Eds.
Berry, J. (1975) Daily experience in residential life: A study of children and their caregivers. London: Routledge & Kegan Paul
Castle, M. (1954) Institution and non-institution children at school: Effects of social stresses on their relationships. Human Relationships, 7, 349-366
Cheyne, W. and Jahoda, G. (1971) Emotional Sensitivity and intelligence in children from orphanages and normal homes. Journal Child Pschol. and Psychiat, 12.2. 77-92
Dinnage, R. and Pringle, M.L. (1967) Residential child care: Facts and fallacies. London: Longmans
Pringle, M.L. (1965) Deprivation and education. London: Longmans
Sterne, R.S. (1964) Delinquent conduct and broken homes: A study of 1050 boys. New Haven: College and University Prewss
Stricklin, A. (1972) A psychological study of children legally removed from parental care. Doctoral thesis, University of Cape Town
Tizard, J. (1974) The upbringing of other peoples' children: Implications of research and for research. Journal Child Pschol. and Psychiat, 15, 161-173
Wolins, M. (1970) Young children in institutions. Developmental Psychology, 2, 1, 99-109
Wolkind, S. and Rutter, M. (1973) Children who have been "in care": An epidemiological study. Journal Child Pschol. and Psychiat, 14. 97-105

Thom asked about examples of early research in our field ...
Bowlby, of course.  Then see Skeels 1966 study (How early is early?)

David Macarov 
Don't know what you mean by early but the Youth Development Model in general is what we use.  It is strengths based and presupposes that youth should be engaged and in fact are more knowledgeable then us in what kind of care they should receive.
Alfonso Ramirez, Jr.


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