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Child neglect within poverty?



My name's Tasha Green, I am currently doing a presentation on child neglect within poverty and had some questions in regards to this topic. Hopefully I get some answers back so that I can also get a better understanding of this topic as well.

1) What piece of legislation do you feel influences child neglect within poverty the most?

2) How do you feel (as a certified CYC) poverty affects children who are already suffering neglect?

3) What do you feel that you could contribute to a child suffering neglect living within poverty?


I would highly recommend the following texts;

Neysmith, Sheila, Bezanson, Kate and O'Connell, Anne (2005).
Telling tales: Living the effects of public policy. ISBN: 1-55266- 161-X

Swift Jamie, Balmer, Brice and Dineen, Mira (2010).
Persistent poverty: Voices from the margins. ISBN: 978-1-897071-73-1

Payne, Ruby K. (2005). A framework for understanding poverty (4th Revised Edition). USA: aha! Process Inc.
ISBN: #978-0-205-68875-3.

I would also recommend that you watch;

Four Feet Up

Hope this helps.

Kim Ducharme

Hi Guys,

 Whilst we can't claim any plaudits in the UK on eradicating child poverty we can take perverse comfort from seeing how awful things can get in the land of free. The latest documentary went out last night. Not sure if people out with the UK can watch on the BBC iplayer?

All our work is political and neo-liberal ideology should be resisted vehemently by all workers in this field. The thing that amazes me is how they keep a lid on social unrest in the USA. Observations welcome.

Jeremy Millar

Along the same line this article in the NY Times paints a pretty desperate picture for young people in Europe--50% unemployment in some countries and more austerity to come (18%) in the US. How is this not a priority for our field?

Hans Skott-Myhre


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