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National Associations


Hey Folks,
I have a question I am hoping we can explore to help each other continue to sort out identity as Child and Youth Care professionals. Currently, I am trying to better understand the role of National Associations with respect to my professional definition of self.
Can other's tell me the role and purpose it plays in your identity as Child and Youth Care professionals?
Super appreciate your time and energy. We need each other.
Rebecca Ward

Dear Rebeca
Here in South Africa we have the National Association of Child Care Workers (NACCW) which offers training in the field of child and youth care and advocates for the professionalization of the field.
It advocates for children's rights via various community projects that they run, e.g. Isibindi Projects whereby they assist children and their families from disadvantaged communities.
Among Isibindi Projects are after-school facilities for children where they do school homework and play in a safe place under the supervision of trained care workers, etc.
NACCW also takes an interest in other countries' Child Care Worker's Associations in the SADC region like the Zambian Association of Child Care Workers.
NACCW also hosts bi-annual conferencences for child care workers whereby international experts in the field of child care and development share their wealth of experience with delegates.
Hope you will find this of interest.
W.M. Ndlangisa

Rebecca asked about the role and usefulness of National Associations ...
Keeps me connected.
Provides opportunity for networking
Helps me stay abreast of current practice/trends Supports the development of quality and standards in CYW for the nation Provides a voice for child/youth issues and oppotunity to put them on a national stage Gives me a sense of belonging to something potentially larger than my own (geographic/professional) world Get to see the world
Get to introduce others to the world (job opportuniites).
Just a few.....
Rick Kelly
Dear Rebecca
Ndlangisa is spot on. I would like to add that the forums born out of the Association at regional level, for various professional groups  is a great way to support, advocate and share how we do what we do in our various locations in the field. (SW's forum, Director's forum, Senior CYCW Forum and CYCW forum, Youth Forum to name a few).
In the same way that we have Biennial National Conferences we have Biennial Regional conferences where child and youth care workers have the opportunity to make presentations, chair sessions, run workshops etc. in preparation for the National Conferences. So in essence we have a conference every year, either Regionally or Nationally. The benefits are enormous and it allows an opportunity to showcase, address issues of concern, introduce new programmes, etc.
I would encourage the Child and Youth Care Fraternity to unite in this way and speak with one voice so that the children benefit on all levels.
Francisco G. Cornelius
Cape Town
Hi Rebecca,
The Council of Canadian Child and Youth Care Associations is a national body that was established in order to help coordinate and bring together provincial and territorial Child and Youth Care Associations. The Council consists of a representative from each active provincial and territorial association. The Council works to support and help strengthen each provincial and territorial association as well as help provide the opportunity to create an association in areas where there is no active cyw association. The Council is active in supporting various cyw/cyc related activities either through direct involvement such as having a representative on the Child and Youth Care Education Accreditation Board of Canada; financially such as providing CYC-net with a yearly donation as well as supporting the Ontario Colleges in their video project currently underway; and in some cases both such as providing seed money and support to the provincial association who plays host to the bi-annual National Child and Youth Care Conference.
The Child and Youth Care Association of Alberta is currently preparing to host the Tenth Triennial International Child and Youth Care Conference and Seventeenth National Canadian Child and Youth Care Conference in beautiful Canmore, Alberta, October 9-12, 2012. The Council continues to support both the National and International Conferences as it has become both a showcase for all things child and youth work as well as a wonderful opportunity to network and reacquaint with others in the profession. I encourage you to check out the Council website at  to find out more.
David Connolly
Council of Canadian Child and Youth Care Associations

Hello Ndlangisa
I'm a child psychologist who once had the idea of creating research based free online education for orphanage staffs, foster families and other caregivers of orphans. In as many languages as possible.
This happened (long story), and you can access the 15 session education at
It's currently in 8 languages, but volunteer professionals are translating it into 16 3rd World languages extra, which will be gathered in another free homepage in about one year.
If you like the program and want to use it for education, feel free to do so.
There's a paper about it you can find it at Child and Youth Care Online. The paper also gives instructions about how to use the program.
Niels Rygaard


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