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Residential Child and Youth Care literature?



My name is Vesna and I am doing a 4th year Child and Youth Care practicum at a residential licensing department. As part of my practicum I will be doing a literature review on innovative, practices/approaches in child and youth residential facilities around the world.

If anyone can suggest some literature or programs that would be great.

Thank you

Vesna Miskin

Nothing will be more helpful to you than Karen VanderVen’s Digital Point package, available through this website. When you see her message, download her attachment. Doctor’s orders, and you don’t have to call me in the morning.


You can request a Digital Points Pack from Karen here: (Eds.)

Dear Vena,

In case you are interested we are running a very innovative model of residential care in India, called Udayan Ghars.

In case, you are interested you see our website

If you want we can discuss on skype?



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