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Working internationally?


Query 1:
My name is Jennifer, I am hopeful that someone might have some ideas for me.  
I have my Degree in Child & Youth Care from the University of Victoria, Canada. I have worked in the field for 7 years full time.
I am curious about working internationally? I have two children of my own that I'd like to bring with me. I am a lone parent and would be traveling most likely alone with my children. They are 10 and 14.
Does anyone have any ideas where I can start looking ? I have interest in respite/orphanages. I am hoping to keep my children with me as well.
Thank you for taking the time to respond. 
Jennifer Tully

Hi Jennifer,
I'm looking into doing work in another country as well, and this organization is well known and it looks pretty well managed with the costs/ accommodations.
Good luck!
Sophie A. 
There is respite opportunities in the USA but no orphanages. If you are very interested you can start your own respite agency in a major city in the US. Start with the state codes and things you need (license) to start a business.
Hope this helps.
Donna Wilson

Good evening Jennifer.

My name is Rita and will end my course done on February 28 at The Success College. I taking
CYCW and one of my dream is to working outside Canada. I been search what Canadian Organization
working in my Country (Nicaragua) and I found a few . I want to apply as a Canadian citizen with salary working out the country. I subjected if you can apply with Unicef , , Oxfam Canada ,Oxfam Quebec. Some these Organization working in Latin America and Africa depend where you like to go.

Rita Moraga
Query 2:

I am looking into doing my third year Child and Youth Care practicum abroad in Europe somewhere, preferably Ireland or Italy but I'm pretty open to anywhere else. Does anybody have any knowledge about how to go about this or what opportunities are available?
Thank you!

Courteney Shortreid

Courtenay make sure you check out the Proud2b Me network.  If you cannot find it then let me know.
They are doing great work in South Africa.

Hi Courneney
I am not certain where you attend school.
However, here at Ryerson I recommend AIESEC. You can search it on google.
Aiesec is the world's largest student-run non-profit organization providing leadership development and global internships.
Hope this is helpful.
Sheldon Reinsilber

Don Bosco Care may be able to help. or have a look at our film.
It would be subject to your college agreeing to us of course, and whatever visa arrangements were necessary. Don Bosco Services on facebook.

Brian Hogan

Contact or go to
Adele Grosse
Founder & Executive Director

Thank you very much!!



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