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Education for girls in India

Hi, my name is Hannah and I am a student at the University of Pittsburgh school of education.  I am curious to learn more about the education system in India, specifically relating to girls and young women.  I know that not too long ago the Right to Education Act was passed which made education free and mandatory for children between 6-14.  I am wondering about more recent information on how that has impacted India culturally and whether it is working to improve the conditions. If anyway has any information on this, I would love to hear about it.
Thank you

Hannah asked about the education system in India ...
Dear Hannah,
Dr. Jo Nash of the Health Services Research department at the University of Sheffield in England taught in a school in India in recent years and may be able to help you. There is an article by her: Cultivating the Good Heart : Integrating an ethic of mutual care into the development of an Indian school community in the goodenoughcaring Journal about her experience in an Indian School at  but perhaps you could first get in touch with her to tell her of your interest. Her email address is
I hope this is helpful to you
Best wishes,
Charles Sharpe
Hi Hannah,
A friend of mine should be able to give you more information.  Manju, although currently in Oman, is from Kollam and studied through to degree level in India before becoming a teacher of young girls.  Her email address is (I did ask her if she would be interested in helping you out and asked me to pass on her email. )
Good Luck
Kathleen Mulvey

Hello Hannah,
I am originally from India but have now settled in Canada . However most of my education was completed in India. I will be more than happy to answer any specific questions you have about the education system there. Hope I can be of some help.
Best wishes,
Sangeeta Bhonsale
Dear Charles and Kathleen,
Thank you so much for giving me these contacts. I am looking forward to learning more about education in India and appreciate you taking the time to help me out.
Hannah Garard

Thank you for your response. I am interested in knowing what the real needs are, from your knowledge and experience, for India and education in regards to girls especially.  I have researched a lot about it and it is really interesting to learn about the social and cultural changes that interact with the right to education act. It seems that there are two very opposing views on whether or not women and girls should have education in schools. I guess I am just curious how relevant to today, most of the findings I made are.  Do you consider education of girls to be a big issue still? And did you witness any real struggles?  I guess I'm not really very specific, but I wrote paper on this topic in class a while ago, and it really interested me so I am just looking to gain more understanding on the issues today in regards to education.
Thank you so much, and I'm sorry if that was confusing
Hannah Garard

Hello Sangeeta
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med venlig hilsen/ Yours sincerely
Niels Peter Rygaard


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