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Health issues for youth


I am currently studying to become a health/physical education teacher. I am researching health class curriculum and was wondering, with all your experience working with youth, what health topics would you recommend becoming greater focuses in health class? What knowledge or abilities do you feel youth are lacking?
Thanks very much for your help,
Amanda Macasso

Replying to Amanda's query of yesterday ...
That's an awesome question. I think sexual education and learning about STD's. For young girls, there is NO knowledge of signs of bladder infections in health classes. I hear of young girls going days with their infection to the point where it spreads further. There needs to be more awareness of this.
Alicia DaSilva
Hi Manda,
Sexual health, nutrition.

Healthy sexuality for boys and girls. How to use a condom or other birth control, where to access them for free and why it is important. I also think discussing safe sex across sexual preferences is important too and not to assume all the kids in the class are heterosexual. But I guess if one educated in this manner one could be accused of "pushing an agenda." Our Puritan ethic in the USA sabotages youth from receiving proper health education to meet their needs not some adults' prudish expectations.
Discussion of pregnancy, female and male bodies and how to promote health are other good topics.
Peter DeLong
Replying to Amanda
Very good question.
Vegetarian diets and girls... I understand the concerns of youth when it comes to the mass production of the meat we eat. But lots of concerns have been raised when teens are getting on to vegetarian diets: they do not always understand the process that comes with them. A well-balanced vegan diet takes lots of work and knowledge. It is not about simply removing all meat and animal products from your plate... you have to know their equivalent (nutrients) and not use supplementary pills as a "replacement"... 
Sandrine Trichard

Hi Sandrine,
The meat eating majority get a bit excited when children opt to become veggie or vegan. The reality is they can experiment and do no harm to themselves. It is a fact that the majority of people in the world have to eat a vegetarian diet and they can thrive physically and intellectually as long as they have a enough food.
Both our daughters were veggie from birth and they both grew up healthy and happy as did all their veggie friends. Strangely they didn't even rebel by eating meat during their teenage years.
Jeremy Millar


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