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Self harm?


Hello, My name is Tania and I work in an all girls group home. I was wondering if you could give me some documentation on self harm and intervention methods that I could try with one of the girls I work with?
Thanks for your attention; I am hoping to hear from you soon.
Tania Chartrand

A great resource on the topic of self-harm in terms of research and information is called:
A Bright Red Scream
Vanessa Lalonde
Hi Tania
Suggest you have a look at this Cornell site
Johnnie Gibson (Ireland)
Check out the above website.  If you go under Google (or any other engine) type in "self-harm" or "self-injurious behaviors" and several websites will come up.
Have a good one...

Raquel Rodriguez
I found The truth about self harm: or young people and their friends and family by Celia Richardson quite good.
Aisling Malone

Hello. In addition to the helpful suggestions here, I also recommend the Interdisciplinary National Self-Injury in Youth Network Canada
This website includes a number of useful resources for youth, family members and professionals. It also includes recent research  on the topic.
Hope you find this useful.
Jennifer White
Awesome website! (
Raquel Rodriguez

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