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Activities and Play, Addiction, Administration, Adolescents, Attachment, Assessment/Outcomes, Behaviour, Boundaries, Bullying/Teen violence, Child Abuse, Children's Rights, Community, Competence, Conflict, Culture/Society, CYC: The Profession, Delinquency, Development, Discipline, Education, Engaging, Ethics, Family, Foster Care, History, Humour, Intervention, Juvenile Detention, Life Space Work, Love, Milieu, New CYC Workers, Outdoor Education, Parents and Parenting, Peers, Philosophies, Practice, Programs, Punishment, Relational Practice, Residential Care, Resilience, Restorative Practice, Runaways/Homelessness, School, Self, Sexual Issues, Special Needs, Strengths, Stress and Self-care, Success, Supervision, Theories, Therapy, Training, Transitions, Treatment, Voices of Youth, Youth crime and Juvenile Justice

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Foundations: must-reads for CYC practice and theory

Selected background readings in CYC

Introductory Readings on varying CYC topics

CYC Practice Hints

What loss and grief look like for children and youth in care

Therapeutic Residential Care for Children and Youth: A Consensus Statement of the International Work Group on Therapeutic Residential Care

Karen VanderVen's Points Pack

Dr. Karen VanderVen has been one of the most vocal advocates about points and level systems withing the CYC field.  This is a collation of Karen's 'Points Pack' – a collection of reflections, references and other inspirations around points and level systems.

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