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residential child care

The Stockholm Declaration

The second international conference on Children and Residential Care held in Stockholm 12-15 May 2003, sponsored by the Swedish Foreign Ministry and the Swedish International Development and Co-operation Agency (Sida), has discussed the situation of children in long-term residential care.

There is indisputable evidence that institutional care has negative consequences for both individual children and for society at large. These negative consequences could be prevented through the adaptation of national strategies to support families and children, by exploring the benefits of various types of community based care, by reducing the use of institutions, by setting standards for public care and monitoring of the remaining institutions. The participants at the conference more than 600 individuals from the governments, civil society and the research community from 80 countries have agreed on the following:

Governments which have ratified the Convention on the Rights of the Child have certain binding obligations, including a direct primary responsibility for children deprived of family care. These obligations also extend to others in society whose actions can make a difference in the realisation of child rights. In the case of children deprived of family care, these obligations include:

In order to translate these principles into actions we urge governments to:

We urge civil society to:

We urge the research community to:

We urge national and international funding partners to:

We urge practitioners to:

We, the participants of the Stockholm Conference on Children and Residential Care, declare ourselves committed to work towards these principles and actions.

This feature: Stockholm Declaration. Child and Youth Care. Vol.21 No.5

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