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street kids

Hector A street child, 13, tells his story

I've been in the streets since I was five when my father died and I didn't want to be at home because my brothers treated me badly, they didn't give me clothes, shoes nor food, my mom worked making donuts and ice cream and didn't have time to take care of me, I needed my dad.

I felt badly and alone because my older brothers, Dario, 18, Rafael, 14, and Javier, 7, already spent time in the streets. For the first time I found Herrera park, were I learned how to make money, I only had to extend out my hand to fill my bags with money, which I liked and started to take home to my mom so that she could buy food for everyone, which made me feel good, I did that for six months.

Later I started to frequent the boulevard alongside my brothers and some friends where my brother Javier gave me glue so that I could try it because there the people treated us badly, some of the watchmen of the neighbors hit us with whips and wires, we couldn't stay in one place because they wouldn't allow us, so we had to go to different places. One day I met a Swiss person named Mauricio who talked to me about Casa Alianza, he explained to me the situation of Casa Alianza, I liked it and decided to stay where I learned many things that I didn't know before, I felt good and I met people who loved me, my brothers started to visit me asking me not to leave because they had told them that I inhale glue, my brothers threatened me saying that if I continued with the glue they would kill me. After four months I moved onto the next step called Transition where I felt a little badly because I was the youngest and the rest liked to bother me so that I would get mad and throw tantrums.

Sometimes I felt sad thinking about my brother Dario who was in jail for having robbed a television, one day I had problems in Transition and I got so mad that I grabbed rocks and broke all the windows of the house and I went again to the street and began to sniff glue more often, I went to Agape where they give you food and let you bath, I liked it because afterward they let you go to the street and do what you like.

There also I found something I didn't like because the person in charge hit me with a ball only for playing ball with my brother, for this reason I didn't return and went back to Casa Alianza but my desire to sniff glue was so strong that I couldn't go two days straight without it so I left without caring what happened in the street.

One day they told me that they had killed my brother in the Prison, which made me feel very badly so I got worse and worse into the glue without caring about anything, I entered and left the Refuge without realizing that the years were passing, for two years I've felt the desire to improve my life, I think that it's difficult but I feel the desire and I hope to achieve it with the help of the educators.

I want to overcome this, to be in school and to stop sniffing glue to always forget all the bad things that have happened to me, to work and to be able to help my mom.

This feature: Casa Alianza


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