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36 JANUARY 2002
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Dreams of a New Voyage

So, it's the new year. I sit and watch the snow fall outside my window and I know with a harsh finality that winter has arrived here in Montreal. For a while we thought it was going to pass us by this year. Well, we fantasised that it would anyway. We had dreams and visions of wearing T-shirts in February, or cutting the grass in March, or even, dare I say it, walking the dogs in January without needing three layers of clothes, gloves, scarves, toques and boots that climb up to our knees.

Oh well, the holiday season is a time of fantasy and dreams.

I wonder what kind of dreams the kids had. And how they reacted. Some will, no doubt, come home from those visits with feelings of disappointment and anger – some because they have to return in to care – and some because all their dreams were just that: dreams.

This beginning of the new year is an important time to reach out. To be with them about their dreams and fantasies. To help them feel the sadness and move on, once again. We have to be careful that we don't try to gloss over the feelings they have. To tell them “its alright”. Because for many of them, things are not all right.

Oh the other hand, let's not forget that dreams are important. They keep us going, give us hope and yes, in some ways, they often help us to cocoon ourselves in the necessary cloak of denial. It's all part of getting by. So lets also not do anything to destroy the ability of youth and families to dream. No harsh confrontations about being realistic. No demands to let go of the fantasy. This time, of all times, is a time to be gentle, understanding and helpful.

Perhaps it is a time to sit around and talk about what was good about the past year, and what we can all do you make this year even better.

* * *

Here at CYC-Net we wish you great dreams for the New Year. Brian and I hope that your dreams inspire you, give you hope and help you to keep moving forward to whatever destination you dream about for yourself. We hope you find the time to reflect on your travels of the past year and let yourself see how dreams were an important part of the voyage.

And we trust you will help the children and families do the same. For in every voyage, there are places of joy.

Best wishes to you all from Thom and Brian

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