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36 JANUARY 2002
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child care workers

The child within you

There is a child within each of us crying out: “Listen! I am sick and tired of being ignored day after day. You go to work, out with your friends, to sleep, to eat, live your life as if I do not exist. Every once in a while you notice me, the child within you, when you are depressed or home sick in bed. But do you really care about me? Do you really ask what I want?

Here I am sitting around waiting, forever waiting, for you to recognise me. First your parents began ignoring parts of me and gradually you continued where your parents left off.

Remember me? I am your feelings, your dreams and fantasies. I am the one who used to enjoy going to the park. I am the one who likes ice-cream, mountains, sunshine, and who wants to play. I am also the one who likes to be held and told he is loved. I am the child within you, I am you. I don’t care if you are an adult now. Why does that mean you have to forget about me? Why can’t adults enjoy themselves as children do? Why must being an adult mean that the child in you must try not to exist?

Believe me, living in your adult world of constant struggle, is not easy. How do you think I feel when you stuff me with lots of food during dinner while you talk with your important friends, people you really don’t like?

Where am I supposed to go when I am angry and you don’t recognise me? Then you wonder why you have indigestion or weight problems.

Where do you think your problems come from? I know you need your important friends. I know you have to make a living. I know you have to take care of others. But have you ever thought if you really became my friend, you wouldn’t need some things from others so much?

Have you ever thought that if you took care of your feelings and appreciated your little desires that you wouldn’t need so much income to appease me? Have you ever thought that if you were nicer to yourself, taking care of others would not be so much of a burden.

I know you are trying to get a better position so you will have more time to be with me. I have felt the different therapies you have tried which reintroduce you to parts of me. But I want you to know all of me. I am tired of others pushing and shoving, fishing around for me. I want you to know me. I don’t expect you to change overnight. I have been waiting for you to recognise me long enough. To be honest, a part of me will never understand how you can treat me the way you do. Why is it so difficult for you to be as you want?

If I was literally your child, you would listen to me and care how I am. Well, I am literally your child, you have just learned not to see me”

From The Magical Child Within You.

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