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About TransformAction 

was created in 1995 by Thom Garfat Ph.D. to respond to the need for consultation, training and program development for individuals, teams, organizations and governments responsible for treatment services to troubled youth and their families.

TransformAction is committed to the enhancement of quality services for children, youth, and families through the provision of services grounded in the experience of effective daily care-giving. 

Based on extensive experience and award winning research into effective interventions with troubled youth and families, TransformAction offers: 

  • training and knowledge acquisition for those who work with troubled children, youth and their families; 
  • consultation in either specific program and team issues or with regard 
    to the provision of specific treatment for a youth and/or family; 
  • program reviews which will result in an action plan for future development, design or enhancement. 

The services of TransformAction are based on an interactive, relationship-based practice within which all participants are seen as important contributors to the final outcome of the services. 

The services which are provided model effective relationship-based practice in working with troubled youth and families. Because of this philosophy, services (training, consultation and program review) are specifically designed to meet the demands of the individual, agency or organization which requires them. The focus, however, is always on action, in the belief that it is action which facilitates change.

The services of TransformAction may be offered in a short intensive format (e.g., a few days), or over a longer period (e.g., a few days each month). Costs vary depending on the project, and the extent of the consultation. For extended consultations, support is also offered on an on-going basis through e-mail and/or telephone, between meetings. 

TransformAction can help you enhance the quality of service you offer.