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Art Vitae  

The Aurora Page  

Beanie Island Vacation If you canít get away in person, take this short virtual vacation. Invite your friends.

Blue Roses An internet creative writing centre. Share your creative spirit with the world.

Bonjour Quebec 

Canada Tourism

Canadian Council of Child and Youth Care Associations This site has some more interesting links for child and youth care professionals

CYC-NET (The International Child and Youth Care Network CYC-Net is connecting child and youth care professionals world wide. Go here to sign up for the most relevant internet exchange you will find about our field.

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy For the deeply intellectual, a place to satisfy the mind.

La Girafe Timbree Surprise your friends. Send an original French Canadian postcard. You can do it!

MacDonald Youth Services The folks here have taken the time to create some interesting links to other places of interest for those who work with troubled youth and families, so there is no sense me repeating them here.

Phenomenology On-line   

Ryerson University Child and Youth Care

A Short Virtual Vacation at Club Freedom Another lovely little vacation spot for those who canít get away.