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The Profession

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School Practice

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One day in the life of an Inner-city School-based Child and Youth Care Worker
Shelley Chrest

Outdoor education and troubled youth
Dene S. Berman and Jennifer Davis-Berman

Field Lane Ragged School
C. Dickens

How to teach the unteachable
Joseph Ciaccio

Ripples and Rumbles: Towards peaceable school communities
Valerie Dovey

Basic education and skills training
Cape Youth Care, Cape Town

Bullied to death
From Jump Magazine

Moving beyond good intentions in schools
Gail Russell Chaddock

Child and youth care work in a school undergoing complex language and cultural adjustment in South Africa
Rosa Nightingale

School readiness
ERIC journal

Academic strategies to build resilience
Theodore Pikes, Brenda Burrell, and Connie Holliday

The tools of encouragement
Timothy Evans

Mental health – at school, at home
Cindy Long, John Page, Beth Hail, Tifffany Davis, and Len Mitchell

Preventing truancy
Charles Walls, ERIC Clearinghouse on Urban Education, Institute for Urban and Minority Education

Classroom management
Gene Van Tassell

We don't need no thought control
David Perks

Ways of knowing: Fostering resilience
Jerri Simms Shepard

Conflict in schools: Win-win solutions
Mary M Addison and Dolores A. Westmoreland

The school as a hub: Best practice model
Rick Kelly

Soda and junk food machines
Susan Krouskop

Giving children a voice through poetry
Karenlee Clarke Alexander and Linda Shaw-Benson

Hobbs and spitting from windmills
Rick Kelly

School to work transitions
Cheryl Meredith Lowry

Child and youth work in educational settings
Carey Denholm

Safe and caring schools
Joan Jeary

Countering verbal abuse
Arnold P. Goldstein

Community schools in action
Joy G. Dryfoos

Dealing with violence and aggression
Mary K. Fitzsimmons

Monitors as supports
Sandra L. Christenson, Christine M. Hurley, Julie A. Hirsch, Melissa Kau, David Evelo and Willa Bates

Supporting LBGTQ students
Michael Bochenek

Alternative ways
Isabel Abrams

Working with aggressive students
Eleanor Guetzloe

Antidote for zero tolerance
Conrad D. Farner

Teaching conflict resolution
U.S. Department of Education

Pathways to courage
Steve Van Bockern, Laurie Wenger, and Julie Ashworth

Alternative programs?
Richard Sagor

Community schools
Mary M. Harris and John H. Hoover

Out-of-school curriculum
Jean Pease

Improving relationships
Mary Beth Hewitt

Waging peace
Linda Lantieri

It doesn't look like a school ...
Carol Weiss Rubel, M.S.

Touching Students
Heather May

Deadly violence replaces scuffles at schools
Helen Smith

The teacher is the curriculum
Jack Kirkland

New ways with education
Kim Campbell

A school without rules
Marjorie Coeyman

Don't turn teachers into cops
Donna Lieberman and Robert A. Perr

A teacher changing inner city lives
Meg McSherry Breslin

Do schools fail gay and lesbian youth
Michael Bochenek

Constable goes to school
Kerry Williamson

Gaining respect in the classroom
David Paul

Teen peer mediators sharpen skills
Rachel Gottlieb

Challenges and questions facing the development of Child and Youth Care Work in Canadian educational settings
Carey Denholm

Effective partnerships between teacher and child and youth care worker
Kathi Hughes and Vivian Lougheed

School-based field placements: A Montreal Perspective
Elena Kruger

Learning about myself: First experiences in school-based child and youth care
Roger Pylypa

On Being Accountable in Schools: Strategies for Child and Youth Care practitioner
Andrew Jarrett


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