Leon Fulcher


October 2010 From Muscat
September 2010 From Runnymede
August 2010 From Boise
July 2010 From London during Wimbledon week!
June 2010 From the Western Highlands and Islands of Scotland
May 2010 From the United Kingdom: Watch out for the ash!
April 2010 From the Auckland Fun Run
March 2010 From New Zealand
February 2010 From New Zealand
January 2010 New Year, New Decade
December 2009 From New Zealand
November 2009 From Bangkok
October 2009 From Dublin
September 2009 From Bloemfontein, South Africa
August 2009 From the Eastern Cape
July 2009 From Florida
June 2009 From Copenhagen
May 2009 From: England
April 2009 From: Abu Dhabi
March 2009 From Ayrshire
February 2009 Postcard from New Zealand
January 2009 Postcard from New Zealand
December 2008 From Wellington
November 2008 From the Cinque Terre
October 2008 From Venice
September 2008 From Wales
August 2008 From Palo Alto graduation ceremony
July 2008 From the Cook Islands
June 2008 From New Zealand
May 2008 From Brussels
April 2008 From Australia
March 2008 From South Auckland
February 2008 From New Zealand
December 2007 Another year...
November 2007 From Hampden Park Scotland
October 2007 From a Great North Eastern railway carriage
 September  2007 From Nottingham
August  2007 From Espana
July 2007 From the East of Scotland
June 2007 Postcard from Saskatchewan
May 2007 Postcard from Wales
April 2007 From New Zealand
March 2007 From Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea
February 2007 From Pauanui, New Zealand
January 2007 From Dublin
December 2006 From Paisley, Scotland
November 2006 From Montreal
October 2006 Postcard from Scotland
September 2006 From Green Mubazzara
August 2006 Postcard from Talladega
July 2006 Postcard from Atlanta
June 2006 Postcard from the UAE
May 2006 Postcard from Washington DC
April 2006 Postcard from Rawalpindi, Pakistan
March 2006 Postcard from Abu Dhabi
February 2006 Postcard from Fiji
January 2006 Celebrations and learning
December 2005 Khor Fakkan
November 2005 Eid Mubarak
October 2005 From Oman
September 2005 From Al Ain, UAE
August 2005 From Milwaukee
July 2005 From Edinburgh
June 2005 From Niswa
May 2005 From Glasgow
April 2005 From the Sultanate of Oman
March 2005 Gulf region, Universities' scout camp
February 2005 From Al Ain Aerobatics show 2005
January 2005 Happy New Year 2005
December 2004 Postcard from the desert
November 2004 Postcard from United Arab Emirates University
October 2004 Postcard from Scotland
September 2004 Postcard from Sarawak, East Malaysia
July 2004 Postcard from New Zealand
July 2004 Postcard from Seattle
June 2004 My last post card from Abu Dhabi
May 2004 From the Middle East
April 2004 Post card from Al Ain
March 2004 from Dubai
February 2004 from Eire
January 2004 from Abu Dhabi
December 2003 from an Malaysia during welfare month
November 2003 from an Islamic country during Ramadan
October 2003

from the Abu Dhabi

September 2003

From the United Arab Emirates

August 2003

From the SIRCC Conference in Edinburgh, Scotland

July 2003 From Eire
June 2003 From United Arab Emirates
May 2003 From Heathrow
April 2003 From back home, in New Zealand
March 2003 From @home in Scotland
February 2003 From Te Horowhenua in New Zealand
January 2003 From St John's Newfoundland
December 2002

From an airport transit lounge

November 2002

From Cranng, County Dublin in Eire

October 2002 From Trondheim
September 2002 From Paris
August 2002 From Disney World, USA
July 2002 From the World Cup
June 2003 From the United Nations
May 2002 From Wellington
April 2002 From Lake Waikaremoana
March 2002

From Wellington

February 2002 From New Zealand's Capital City
January 2002 From New Zealand's Bay of Plenty
December 2001 From New Zealand's South Island
November 2001

From Kentucky

October 2001 From New Zealand
September 2001

From Singapura

August 2001

From Sri Aman, East Malaysia

July 2001

From Kuala Lumpur, East Malaysia

June 2001

From "Costa Caledonia"

May 2001  From Puau-te-Ata-tu a Tuhoe
(Daybreak for the Children of the Mist)
April 2001

From Wellington, New Zealand

March 2001

From Seattle

February 2001

From London

January 2001 From Hong Kong
December 2000

From Loa Wai at Times Square

November 2000

From Singapore

October 2000

From Pulau Pinang

September 2000

From North Borneo

August 2000

From Pittsburgh

July 2000

From Cleveland

June 2000

From Kuala Lumpur

May 2000

From New Zealand's Te Urewera

April 2000

From Lax International Airport

March 2000

From Canadian Prairies

February 2000

From Ireland

January 2000

From Scotland

December 1999

From the Peoples' Republic of China

November 1999

From Semenanjung Malaysia

October 1999

From Sarawak, North Borneo

September 1999

From New Zealand

August 1999

From Northern Ireland

July 1999

From Scotland

June 1999

From Beijing

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