The CYC-Online “Chapters” Program

Information on this Series and how to Participate

Reading materials in the field of Child and Youth Care are abundant.  Unfortunately, for a number of reasons, many CYC practitioners do not have access to those writings, sometimes because they live in isolated locations, sometimes because the agency they work with does, or can, purchase books and journals, sometimes simply because their organization simply cannot afford to buy all the books and journals which are relevant to CYCs. And certainly, as a volunteer organization, we ourselves cannot afford to purchase all the relevant books or subscribe to all the relevant journals.  While there are a number of journals who give us permission to regularly re-print articles from their pages, there are also numerous other writings to which we. like you, do not have regular access. 

So, we asked CYC-Net Supporters who have written chapters and articles, for which they, as authors, have permission to reprint, to allow CYC-Net to re-publish those here.    Not only does it “add to the pages” of CYC-OnLine but, more importantly, it makes important and interesting writings available to those who would not normally have such opportunity.  Many of them responded supportively and we hope many more will continue to do so.  We believe these “contributions” make a valuable addition to our free reading archives and we are grateful to those who support CYC-Net in this manner.  We know that you, as the reader, will feel the same.

If you have an article or chapter which you think would be of interest to our readers, and would like to see it published here so as to reach a wider audience, please send an electronic copy to thom@cyc-net.org. Or if you have  colleagues who have written a relevant article or chapter which has been published elsewhere, please encourage them to participate.

In order for us to use a chapter or article in this series:

1. The author must have a contract with the publisher which specifically allows the author to use to re-publish the material.  Please note this because, especially in the past, not all publishers have agreed with this approach and much writing has had restricted access.  Some very fine writings in our field have thus been locked away in an inaccessible journal or book, unexposed to a wide part of the field.

2. The author must be able to send us an electronic copy of the article, for example in MSWord, or PDF, which is clear and easily readable.

3. The author must include information on the source of the original publication, and the authors permission to reprint.  ” e.g., “This chapter was first published in Garfat, T. (Ed.) (2004). A Child and Youth Care Approach to Working with Families. (pp. 67-77). New York: Haworth Press.  It is republished here with the permission of the author(s)”.  Or, for example,: “This article was first published in Relational Child and Youth Care Practice, (2005), 18(1), 7-12.  It is reprinted here with permission of the author(s).

4. The chapter (article) must be sent by one of the original authors.  This ensures us that we have the author's permission to reprint.

5. If the author wishes, we will also include information on where the book information can be found, and information for ordering the book.  If the author wishes CYC-Net to do this, please include a statement to that effect, and include information on locating and purchasing the book.

For an author, CYC-Net, with close to a million visitors a year, offers wonderful exposure for your ideas.  So, help us help the field, and consider sending us a chapter or article of yours which you would like us to include in this new series.  And don’t worry if the article or chapter you send is not a “recent publication”.  In all likelihood there will be a number of members of CYC-Net who have not had the opportunity to read it before.



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