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ISSN 0741-9481   

Published annually (beginning with issue 26) by the Department of Psychology in Education at the University of Pittsburgh and the Association for Child and Youth Care Practice (ACYCP).

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Cindy Popovich
Assistant Professor of Practice
Baccalaureate Program Coordinator
Applied Developmental Psychology Program

Mark Krueger

Varda Mann-Feder, Karen VanderVen, Floyd Alwon, James P. Anglin, Mark Greenwald, Carol S. Kelly, John Korsmo, Michael J. Nakkula, Pamela A. Richmond, Victor Savicki, Carol Stuart, David C. Thomas, Peter Tompkins-Rosenblatt, Quinn Wilder


Writers must secure written permission from both ACYCP and the author of reproduced material in order to reproduce an article in full or text of more than 500 words.

Submit an electronic copy of manuscripts via email to the Editor, at

The Journal of Child and Youth Care Work publishes articles on the practice of child and youth care in public and private institutions, group homes, community based programs, and daycare/preschool settings, as well as the generic practice of child and youth care in other contexts such as home based, street work, and private practice. Professional issues such as the nature and scope of the field, training and edu­cation of personnel, and significant activities to advance the field, are also appropriate. Articles must be of interest particularly to practicing child and youth care workers, but may also appeal to trainers, supervisors, consultants, ad­ministrators, advocates, and legislators. Stan­dard academic or scholarly articles, descrip­tions of experience conceptualized into practice principles, quantitative research, first-person accounts from both practitioners and children and youth, and creative work such as poems and short stories are appropriate. Preference is given to writers who have had experience as child and youth care workers although all pieces pertinent to the field of child and youth care are appropriate.

Since the Journal of Child and Youth Care Work particularly encourages submissions from child and youth care workers, editorial assistance is available to those who have not previously published. To encourage editorial assistance, new authors may submit a single electronic copy of their manuscript, along with the identifying information requested below and a brief biographical sketch. Manuscripts may be emailed to the editor at dcurry@kent. edu Manuscripts submitted in this format will not initially be considered for publication, but rather will receive constructive comments and suggestions.

Please note that the journal is published annually in the fall. The final deadline for submission is March 1 for the upcoming issue.
Standard academic or research articles must conform to the specifications of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA); particularly in text citations and the format of all sources used in preparing the paper that are cited in the reference list. APA guidelines must be followed for headings, tables, figures, and other aspects of style and format.
First person accounts, fiction, poetry and other pieces should conform as much as possible to the APA Publication Manual.
To aid the editorial review process, each manu­script must be accompanied by a cover sheet indicating the title of the manuscript, author's name, institutional affiliations, address, tele­phone (and fax and email if applicable) number, and date of article submission. The first page of the article should have the title and date of sub­mission but with no indication of the author's name to allow a blind review process.
AAfter the article has been reviewed, the author will receive either a letter of acceptance, rejec­tion, or a form indicating suggested revisions so as to meet criteria for publication.

Rates and terms are available on request from the Journal of Child and Youth Care Work, The University of Oklahoma Outreach, National Resource Center for Youth Services, 4502 E. 41st Street, Tulsa, OK 74135-2512.

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